Lonely Souls (Baratashvili and Galaktion; Goderdzi Chokheli)

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Roin Chikadze


Galaction’s poem Elegy with its lyrical intimacy, tropology and lexico phraseological peculiarities is close to Nikoloz Baratashvili’s poetic world; just this one poem reveals a spiritual and creative resemblance between the two poets - it echoes the spirit of Baratashvili’s masterpieces Merani, O, Evil Spirit!, Soul Forlorn, Meditations by the Mtkvari River etc.

An acute feeling of loneliness is the main motif in Goderdzi Chokheli’s works as well- individuals, houses, rivers, plants and animals and the whole country suffer from loneliness. The characters in his works seem to be caged in this overwhelming solitude.

The paper argues that Chokheli’s postulate Loneliness is the Mother of Thought befits Baratashvili’s as well as Galaktion’s poetic worlds. In the works of the three authors spiritual tragism of human loneliness and solitude is emphasized.

Published: Oct 25, 2022

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