Agriculture of Khelvachauri Municipality In 1921-1990 Years

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Otar Turmanidze


The article discusses the natural and human-made resources of Khelvachauri municipality. It is noted that during the Soviet time the name of the structure and administrative-territorial bound aries were changed several times. As a result, both natural and human-made resources have undergone changes.

There are studied some economic cases of history of Khelvachauri municipality such as: Tea farming,Citrus farming, Tobacco farming,fruit growing, animal husband and so on. The socio-economic condition of state (Soviet) farming and peasant farming is discussed as well. The article also discusses industry and construction. At the end of the article it is summarizest hemain results of the study.

Tea Culture, Citrus, Tobacco Cultivation, Economics, Collective Farm
Published: Apr 20, 2021

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History and Archaeology