I World War and Machakheli Gorge

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Zurab Nagervadze


As started above, on the example of one valley, clearly illustrates those difficulties, which led to a bloody war in the life of humans, such as World War I. Adding to all this difficulty was the tragedy of the Ottoman “Chetniks” and the Russian “CossackPlastunians”, who brutally dispersed and looted the local population, burned villages, and ostracized a large part of the population in the Ottoman Empire. The native population as Muhajirs dealt a severe blow to the Machakheli Valley. The valley lost much of its productive natives and villages have emptied. The wealth accumulated for years by the villagers was looted and destroyed. It took quite a long time for Machakheli Valley to heal from this pain and get back on its feet.

War, Georgia, Adjara, Russia, Turkey, Batumi, Machakheli Gorge, Ottoman Chetniks, Cossack Plastuns, Muhajirism
Published: Apr 20, 2021

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