Coins From Khelvachauri Municipality

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Irine Varshalomidze


Important information for exploring history of Khelvachauri Municipality is provided by findings of numismatics. In the said direction, big interest is caused by the treasure of Arabic coins, which was accidently discovered in urban-type settlement, in home territory of citizen Z. Zakharadze, in 2004 – the same year it was purchased by Archeological Museum. The treasure consists of 150 silver coins, which were produced in VIII-IX centuries.

In the middle of 12th century, the Arabs came to the Caucasus. They invaded eastern Georgia, and marched to the west several times. New political conjuncture caused changes in economic one. Arabic currency appeared on the Georgian markets. The most popular ones were Kufic coins in our region. There were revealed 4 hoards of coins dated back to 8th-9th cc, which had invaluable worth from scientific point of view. The hoard proved the fact that Arabic coins had dominated throughout the south western Georgia from early 9th century.

Exploring the treasure of Khelvachauri confirmed that production of money, inner and international trading was on high stage of developing in lower region of river Chorokhi.

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Published: Apr 20, 2021

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