Education and Culture in Khelvachauri Municipality

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Naila Chelebadze


The study of the history, life, culture and education of the separate administrative unit occupies an important place in the  historical-ethnographic study of Adjara. Khelvachauri municipality has made one of the important steps in the study of these problems, which is distinguished by the variety of present and past cultural traditions of the history.

Based on ethnographic materials, written sources, archival materials and special literature collected by the author, the history of education and culture of Khelvachauri municipality is studied. The prospect of cultural promotion of Khelvachauri, suspended in the Ottoman era, shows that the great efforts of Georgian figures in the 19th century are still reviving, with further development since the mid-20th century. This period is marked by the complete elimination of illiteracy, the expansion of the educational network, the establishment of cultural networks, and so on.

The study of the problem takes into account the peculiarities that must be explained by the synthesis of three religions in the spiritual culture of the Khelvachauri population.

Many schools, preschools, clubs, and a network of libraries are the basis of education and cultural development in the Khelvachauri district.

Cultural Traditions, Educational Network, Cultural and Educational Institutions
Published: Apr 20, 2021

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