Phonetic-grammatical Features of Speech of Georgians Displaced as Muhajirs From Khelvachauri Municipality

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Shushana Putkaradze
Elza Putkaradze


The given work deals with phonetic-grammatical features of speech of Georgians displaced as Muhajirs from Khelvachauri municipality. We think Machakhela speech is an independent dialectical group. It belongs to the group of Klarjeti speech, differing from Imerkhevi and Nigali dialects. Accordingly, the linguistic and grammatical features of the speech within the descendants of the historical land settlers as well as the Muhajiri descendants of those exiled from these villages in the Turkish inland are presented.

Due to the problem of the research, the paper gives the detailed and deep analyses of the linguistic features of Muhajir speech.The reasoning is mainly about the phonetic nuances and the peculiarities of using the parts of speech.This work discusses the sound system characteristic forMachakhela speech, phonetic features of sound loss, sound emergence, assimilation and dissimilation.Also, some morphological features are analyzed.In particular, the processes that occur in the case of nouns and the properties of postposition, adverb, conjunction, and particle.

Based on the material presented in the work, as the conclusion,there is a discussion about the linguistic features that distinguish the Machakhela speech from the rest of the Klarjeti dialects and make an impression of an independent type of speech.

Thus, the language of Muhajir Georgians has maintained its uniqueness and independence to this day.Their speech is an interesting linguistic fabric that vividly portrays the linguistic picture of the Georgians inhabitants speaking in this language.Therefore, for the purpose of this linguistic research, it is very important to observe Muhajiri Georgian speeches and draw the common linguistic scientific conclusions.

Georgian Literary Language, Dialect, Muhajir, Phonetic-Grammatical, Machakhela
Published: Apr 20, 2021

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