Toponymy of the Khelvachauri Municipality

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Nargiz Akhvlediani


Conducted study directed toward the revealing of the old toponyms of Khelvachauri municipality. In terms of understanding of this viewpoint, we will touch the specific structural-semantic analyze of toponyms of Khelvachauri district.Toponym is a multi-layer phenomenon. It is differently studied by linguistics, historians, archaeologists, geographers, ethnographers and other scholarly directions.

In addition, there will be an attempt of their possible explanation based on different kind data, like an anthroponomical,botanical, naturallandscape-climatic,settlementareas, religious believes, farming activity, hydroniums, and soil peculiarities. With times, two different aspects of the linguistic study of the toponyms have been formed: a) systemic and structural characteristics; b) explaining the origin (or etymology).

Our special interest is to represent and elucidate the structural analyze of toponyms of the Khelvachauri region. In toponymy of khelvachauri municipality, the simple titles are quite a limited amount and among the represented ones mostly represents physical-geographical characterization of the certain location. For example, “Tsara”, “Chonchqo” and etc. Relatively better represented geographical names with “o/“ო“prefix. As an examples of the last can be given geographical names “Oroki”, “Ochikarti”, Ojinji”, “Okhtomi” and etc.

From the point of the suffix “at/ეთ” in arise an interest following toponyms: “Sindieti”, “Chkhutuneti”, “Goshpareti”, “Kokoleti”, “Gvianeti”, “Khinkileti”, “Kakhieti”, “Basileti” and etc. Also, there were revealed toponyms with the “ur/ურ“ suffix, like “Kvadauri”, “Khelvachauri”, “Makhvilauri”, “Makhinjauri” and etc.

In presented article we consider another toponyms using with “ti/თი“,“ish//shi /იშ//ში“suffixes. Illustration for this is the toponyms “Kvariati”, “Churiati”, “Kerketashi”, “Tibashi”, “Kbabishi”. Finally it can be noted that such is a general picture of structural-semantic analyze of toponyms of the Khelvachauri municipality.

Toponymy, Anthroponym, Etymology, Linguistics
Published: Apr 20, 2021

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