Laz Folklore


  • Tsiala Narakidze Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University Niko Berdzenishvili Institute, Department of Dialectology and Emigrant Literature Research


Georgian Folklore, Laz Folklore, Folk Prose


Laz oral folklore is an organic part of Georgian tribes’ folklore treasure. The main area of its distribution is a territory of ethnographic Lazica, where Laz people compactly live and their native language is Laz.

Laz language does not have a script and all oral literary works, created during the centuries on this language material, naturally, belong to folklore.

All historical or social events happened in the life of Laz people are well expressed in Laz folklore.

Despite the historical bad luck,Laz peoplepreserved language and culturethanks to the folk works.

All genresof oral folklore are represented in theprotected materials of Niko Berdzenishvili Institute’s Folklore Fund: samplesof folk prose– tales and legends of historical character; also rich folk poetry with a variety of topics – labour poetry, traditional customs and household related poetry, romantic lyrics; samples of oral folklore of small size – proverbs and riddles.

Place of obtaining thesamples of Laz oral folklore ismainly Sarpi village (so called “Moleni Sarpi” – this side of Sarpi).