From the History of Folk Medicine in Adjara

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Ana Bagrationi


Article deals with the history of folk medicine and its importance in studying of folk medicine in Adjara.

Individual issues of Georgian traditional medicine are studied on the basis of written and empirical sources, special attention is paid to the diseases spread in Adjara and the treatment methods, also there are presented families who used to make the remedies. As well as, there is analyzed the importance of magic in folk medicine In the paper. The practical part of the research concerns the analysis and importance of the treatment methods preserved in Adjara up to today.

The research revealed that traditional medical knowledge and methods of treatment originated from ancient times in Adjara and has its development stages, Its history starts from the pagan period and still exists, due to which he was granted the status of intangible cultural heritage.

Based on empirical work, we found out that folk treatment methods still exist in the region. However, variety of traditional medicines are forgotten and are preserved only by individuals.

A complete study of folk medicine and its achievements is vitally important. Since it is one of the richest historical past and culture of the nation.

Folk Medicine, Diseases, Treatment Methods, Healing Magic
Published: Apr 20, 2021

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