Revival Period Literature, Its Main Direction and Appointment

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Inga Zoidze


The work deals with issues of division of the period of Georgian revival period and the theory of correctnes with negative and positive sides. Also, there are issues that is connected to the boundaries of secular and spiritual writing.there is a problematic theory according to the medieval interpretation, the creator as well as all members of the community consider themselves part of the original integrity.The peculiarities of comprehension of realism in Georgian literature are analyzed. In particular, they have combined spiritual and material values in the period of revival.Especially important is the role of human on the threshold of the revival of the writings which was in the difficult political situation.

Therefore, the main focus of the article is to consider Georgia as a social and political situation in the XVI-XVIII century, which has created new political impulses for Christian writing and its role in Georgian literature and subsequently deeply embedded into political unity as one of the symbols of the struggle for the country's unityThere has been reviewed directions in literature that cause to be established and the reason was being led to the political and socio-economic situation.For example: praise, usu plu fable, engaging in conversation and other.

In conclusion, each issue, direction or problem, which has established a place in Georgian literature,describes flowning fate of the people.The Georgian literature has shown the historic way in all epochs thatGeorgian people have passed through difficulties and there is no exception in the period of revivalism.The Georgian literature has shown a way of salvation which is shown in the Christian ideology, in particular in "God of the Sun".

Having a Dialogue, Traditionalism, Posttraditionalism, Realism
Published: Apr 20, 2021

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