Vocabulary of Dandalo Gorge


  • Tsisnami Beridze Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University


Dialects, Vocabulary, Archaic Forms, Dialect Expressions


Adjarian has of the most important roles among the Georgian language dialects. Historically, it has played a certain role in the development of Georgian literary language. That is why its linguistical studying is important and relevant. Adjarian dialect gives an interesting view as phonetically, morphologically , syntactically , lexically as well. The lexical fund of Adjarian dialect is endless.

We think to study the lexical fund of Upper Adjarian perfectly, it is important to write down the texts locally, according to valleys. For our research we decided to study Dandalo lexical style - one of the valleys of Keda municipality.

Recorded texts showed that there are some specific and interesting lexical units in Dandalo valley such as archaic forms (“Abedi”, “Abano”, “Astami”, “Gargani”…), dialect expressions (“Akhortlagheba”, “Bazi”, “Gorkholo”…), The words established under the influence of a foreign language (Persians, Turkisms, Arabisms…) and Zanizms (“Badishi” ”Bigali”, “Burdgha”, “gorokhi”…).

The article “vocabulary of Dandalo Gorge” brings together all the lexical units that were identified during the writing of texts in the gorge, each lexical unit is accompanied by its own definition, which is checked in various Georgian dictionaries.





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