Checking the rule of information exchange on possible evidence at the pre-trial hearing


  • Tamar Sadradze Davit Agmashenebeli St. Georgia University


Exchange of Evidence, Pre-trial Hearing


Article 83 of the Criminal Procedure Code of Georgia regulates the exchange of evidence obtained by the parties. The article discusses the legislative regulation relating to the first part of Article 83 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation, and talks about the legally misunderstood content associated with it. Changes are proposed to legally correctly formulate the content of Article 83 1 1 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, revising the practice of exchanging information about possible evidence in accordance with the rules established before the pre-trial hearing. With regard to the exchange of information on possible evidence, I mean the wrong practice, in particular, the issue of including the testimony of witnesses of the opposing party in its list of evidence. The form of the request for the transfer of evidence and its practical implications are also discussed.