Political processes and conflict situations


  • Maka Dolidze Davit Agmashenebeli St. Georgia University


Georgia, Ukraine, Russia, Misinformation, Agression, Media Propaganda


In the 21st century, Georgia and Ukraine are in danger of apocalypse. Russia has tried to bring these countries under its influence once again. Georgia and Ukraine are in front of  catastrophe.By spreading misinformation, Russia tried to convince the people of Russia and Georgia, as well as the international community, that Georgia started the war on August 8, 2008 on ethnic grounds and that Russia was constrained to enter Georgia to "establish peace" to "protect" the population. And in 2014, Russia was "obliged to protect the people of the Crimea and Sevastopol," and the facts of 2022 are related to the protection of Russia from those who "being Ukraine hostage" and tried to use it against Russia.Both Georgian and foreign media drew parallels between Georgia and Ukraine. According to their observations, there were many similarities between the events in Georgia in 2008, and between the facts in Ukraine in 2022, the publicists talked about the relationship of the West in this war. On the severity of Russia, which called the full-scale war a "special military operation." But, actually, Russia was trying to make an efforts its influence and importance both in Georgia and Ukraine, it was an unprecedented severe military aggression that could be called genocide.The Russian propaganda media tried to persuade the public that Russia was not killing peaceful populations in Ukraine. It was spreading that videos and photos that were from past conflicts. Some of them were created to spread misinformation and propaganda. The Russian propaganda media lights up the facts in a biased manner. Propaganda was an inseperable part of the media. The aim of the propaganda was for the government to justify itself and gain public support.





Journalism, Arts and Humanities