Economic and Social Exchange of Personal Data and the Risks of Their Protection


  • Nino Tskhovrebashvili Grigol Robakidze University ; University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne


Data Protection, Social Networks, GDRP, General Data Protection Regulation, Digital Culture, E commerce, Right to be Forgotten


For the economic sector, new technology and communication have become real challenges. Personal data has become an important key to penetrate new markets and several firms are specialized in their collections and sales. Using customer profiles, marketing departments make it easier for them to predict customer behavior and beat competitors. The free movement of goods, payments and data are increasingly common among countries and the protection of personal data is increasingly called into question. Notably, the postmandemic period has significantly increased the distance relationships and data exchange rates. This situation has also contributed to social media addiction. It should be noted that in such a period it is important to increase the level of awareness of Internet users and to be especially careful when issuing data. An important step has been the introduction of a new regulation (GDPR) in the personal data protection system since 2018, which has revised and refined the existing rules and regulations. Especially noteworthy are the Right to be forgetten and the right to data portability.