Information For Authors

Journal “Actual Topics on Women’s Health” is peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal, which publishes research and review articles related to women's health and health care. The articles should be submitted in English or Russian Languages.  In any case articles must be accompanied by the Abstracts in English, Russian and Georgian Languages (not more than 150 words). The content of articles as of the abstracts should be strictly identical and consist: the introduction, objectives, methods, results, discussion, conclusions and 4-6 key words. The total volume of articles with Abstracts and list of references should be at list pages (A4 format).

The articles must be printed on the standard typing paper (A4 format).  Typeface – Times New Roman, Cyrillic, AcadNusx.  Fonts size – 12, line spacing – 1, 5; margins: top and bottom – 2,5cm, left – 3cm; right – 1, 5. The articles must be followed by the list of references.   The list of references is located at the end of articles. All references cited in the text must be listed. References are numbered in the text by numbers given in the square brackets. In the case of necessity the numbers are repeated throughout the text. The list of references should be arranged alphabetically in accordance with the surname of the first author and include:  authors surname and initials, name of the Journal (book), year of publication, volume, number, and the first and the last pages. In the case of book the place and publisher should be provided. The list of references   includes: Georgian, Cyrillic and Latin scripts.

Articles should be presented in the printed form and on CD as electronic version. It is also possible to send articles by email. Black and white graphics should be submitted in MS Excel format, the other black and white drawings can be submitted in the form of jpg files. The print of color graphics or photos needs the special permission of Journal Editorial board.

In the beginning of the article, should be listed the authors and their place of work.

Manuscript must be signed by all authors. The contact information (phone number and e-mail of corresponding author) should be indicated.

Printing of articles in the journal is provided by the expense of the authors.