• Intellect

    The journal "Intellect" represents an international periodical-scientific publication of the Georgian Science and Society Development Foundation "Intellect".

  • Papers

    ჟურნალი მოიცავს თავდაცვის ანალიზს, უსაფრთხოების საკითხებს, მენეჯმენტს, ინფორმატიკას, მექანიკის ინჟინერიას, უსაფრთხოების კვლევებს, სახელმწიფო რესურსების მართვას.

  • Gulani

    "Gulani" is an international scientific peer-reviewed journal featuring articles in the humanities and social sciences. The scientific directions of the journal are: Linguistics, Literary Studies, Onomastics, History, Ethnology, Education. The aim of the journal is to present international research in terms of new knowledge, theory and methodology both in the separate humanities and social sciences, as well as at the crossroads of their field. Gulan will publish a full-fledged (original) article, report, review, folklore and dialectological texts.

  • Akademlab

    Free Academy of Tbilisi Journal "Akademlab" was founded in 2021. The journal is a collection of international scientific conferences that is published once a year.

  • Transactions of Niko Berdzenishvili Institute

    The journal has been published in Georgian once a year since 2000 by the Niko Berdzenishvili Institute of Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. It includes the fields of history, archaeology, ethnology, folklore, dialectology, sociology. The aim of the journal is to publish and promote studies of scientists and representatives of Niko Berdzenishvili Institute and other scientific centres as well.

  • Art Science Studies

    The collection of referred scientific works "Art Science Studies" combines the theoretical works of professors, scientists and independent authors, young scientists in the field of art.

  • Scientific proceedings of Guram Tavartkiladze Teaching University

    The collection is published by Guram Tavartkiladze Tbilisi Teaching University since 2011 in Georgian and English languages. The scientific directions of the collection are: Law, Economics, Social Sciences and Humanities.

  • Collection of Scientific Papers

    The collection encompasses practically valuable scientific papers of East European University academic personnel, early stage researchers, as well as various faculty students of Georgian educational institutions.

  • Georgian Almanac

    The Journal "Georgian Almanac" is published by St. Tamar Mepe University of the Georgian Patriarchate since 2016. The aim of the journal is to find and publish unpublished materials and new authors, to translate the study materials of contemporary foreign authors for students and scholars. The Journal is published annually in Georgian language.

  • Air Transport

    The journal "Air Transport" was founded in 2008 on the basis of the Department of the Faculty of Engineering of the Georgian Aviation University. The journal is published anually and represents a collection of scientific papers with aim to solve problems of aviation and emphasize future perspectives.

  • Philological Bulletin

    "Philological Bulletin" (ISSN: 2587-4799) is an annual scholarly review, published by Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University since 2013 and includes topics and problems relevant to the modern georgian philology, as well as unpublished results of important research. The aim of the journal "Philological Bulletin " is to become a high ranking (in accordance with international standards) scientific publication, which will publish highly qualified Philological (linguistic, literary, folklore) works / studies that will meet the modern challenges of Humanities.

  • International Journal of Arts and Media Researches

    "International Journal of Arts and Media Researches" is a printed and electronic, peer-reviewed publication in the field of art sciences and media research. The collection has an international editorial board and in it is published new research by Georgian and foreign researchers. The collection is published annually and is based on the materials of the International Conference of Arts Researchers.

  • Vectors of Social Sciences

    The Georgian National University SEU Scientific Journal “Vectors of Social Science” is an international, peer- reviewed periodical that aims to facilitate academic discussion. The journal is published twice a year, in Georgian and English. 'Vectors of Social Science' was founded in 2021. The journal allows the academic staff, researchers and doctoral students of higher education institutions to submit scientific papers in the following areas: Economics, Law, Administration and Management, Psychology, Political Sciences, Journalism.

  • Academia

    The journal 'Academia' is published by Tbilisi State Academy of Arts from 2001. The journal is dedicated to the arts, architecture, history of art and other humanities. Academia publishes original papers that have not been published previously (scientific articles and reviews) in Georgian with a summary in English and issued once a year.

  • Alte Scientific Research Journal

    Alte Scientific Research Journal (former TOU Scientific Research Journal) has been published by University since 2009. The journal is a peer-reviewed annual multilingual and multidisciplinary and its aim is to encourage local and global theoretical and applied research in the areas of Business, Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences.

  • Journal of Politics and Democratization

    The Journal of Politics and Democratization is published by Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) since 2016. The journal promotes democratic values, supports democratization, academic research, and freedom of access to information. The journal studies and analyzes the social and political environment and its adjacent academical fields, mainly : International relations; International Security; Democratization; Economics; Law; History; Sociology. The Journal is published in English language semi-annually.

  • Herald of Oriental Studies

    The journal "Herald of Oriental Studies" was created in 2018 on the basis of the Department of Oriental Studies of the Faculty of Humanities of Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. The aim of the journal is to provide the scientific community with information on modern research in the field of Oriental Studies. 

  • Georgian Maritime Scientific Journal

    Georgian Maritime Scientific Journal is issued by Batumi State Maritime Academy since 2021. The aim of the Journal is to publish and promote research works, articles, case studies and reviews focusing on all aspects of maritime sector and its role in sustainable development.


    Founded in 1999, PHASIS is an academic journal published annually by the Institute of Classical, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies of the Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. In 2015, PHASIS became a peer-reviewed journal.

    PHASIS publishes original contributions in all areas of Greek and Roman Studies, including literature, history, languages, philosophy, religion, art, and archaeology.  The journal also welcomes submissions on the reception of the ancient world.

    PHASIS publishes articles in English, German, and French.

  • Contemporary Issues of Literary Studies - International Symposium Proceedings

    “Contemporary Issues of Literary Studies” is proceedings of annual International symposium, and includes topics and problems relevant to the modern literary criticism, as well as unpublished results of important research.

  • Logos

    Logos - The Yearbook of Hellenic and Roman Studies by Tbilisi State University, Institute of Classical Philology, Byzantine and Modern Greek Studies. Revised, printed and electronic, bilingual, peer-reviewed publication.

  • Journal of Law

    Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University  „Journal of Law“ is a full open access bilingual, international peer-reviewed periodical published by TSU Faculty of Law. The journal aims to establish a dynamic and international scientific platform and expand scientific discourse in a transnational context by publishing comparative legal research in all fields of law.

  • Alternative Dispute Resolution Yearbook

    Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University „Alternative Dispute Resolution Yearbook“ is a full open access, bilingual, international peer-reviewed periodical published by Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University National Center for Alternative Dispute Resolution. The bilingual journal was founded in 2012. Since 2018 special (student) edition is additionally published  in Georgian-only language. The journal aims to establish a dynamic scientific platform for comparative research of ADR institutes integrating theory and practice.

  • Yearbook of Kutaisi Ilia Chavchavadze Public Library

    "Yearbook" is an annual peer-reviewed scientific publication of Kutaisi Ilia Chavchavadze Public Library. The journal publishes proceedings read at international scientific conferences organized by Kutaisi Ilia Chavchavadze Public Library, as well as peer-reviewed Kartvelological (linguistic, literary, folklore, historiographical, cultural, ethnological) research.


    ჟურნალი (ა) მოიცავს მყარი დედამიწის  ფიზიკის ყველა მიმართულებას. გამოქვეყნებულ იქნება: კვლევითი წერილები, მიმოხილვები, მოკლე ინფორმაციები, დისკუსიები, წიგნების მიმოხილვები, განცხადებები.

  • The Voice of a Georgian Woman

    The Voice of a Georgian Woman is the academic publication of the Institute of Gender Studies, Tbilisi State University launched to celebrate 100-year anniversary of the feminist newspaper of the same title,  which was  published in Kutaisi during the years of 1917-1918 by the famous Georgian feminist, public figure and publicist Kato Mikeladze (1878-1942). The academic journal is biannual and provides local platform to encourage and advance modern feminist and interdisciplinary academic thought in gender studies.

  • Radiobiology and Radiation Safety

    The journal "Radiobiology and Radiation Safety" publishes scientific articles that reflect the results of radiation and nuclear effects research and the various issues related to radiation safety problems.

  • Literary Researches

    "Literary Researches" is an annual scholarly review published by Shota Rustaveli Institute of Georgian Literature and includes topics and problems relevant to the modern literary criticism, as well as unpublished results of important research. The mission of the journal is the internationalization of Kartvelian Studies - full integration of Georgian literature into world literary and cultural processes. Articles are published in three languages (Georgian, English, Russian), Articles are peer reviewed.


    ჟურნალი "ANNALS OF AGRARIAN SCIENCE" გადავიდა ახალ პლატფორმაზე, შემდეგ მისამართზე :



    Journal “Actual Topics on Women’s Health” is established by Georgian Medical Women’s Association ( in 2012 Since 2013 Journal is published in cooperation with Tbilisi Petre Shotadze Medical Academy (


    Caucasus Social Science Review (CSSR) is a principal outlet for scholarly articles on the Caucasus published by the Center for Social Sciences (CSS). It provides a unique forum for academic debates and evidence based research that welcomes interdisciplinary approaches to the issues. CSSR strongly encourages interdisciplinary analysis of contemporary social change in the Caucasus by offering a meeting space for international scholars across the social sciences, including foreign policy and security, applied social research, higher education, development, gender studies, political science, anthropology, cultural studies, psychology, and sociology. It publishes internationally peer-reviewed research articles and special thematic issues.