All manuscripts are initially reviewed by the editorial staff, and if appropriate, will be assigned to a section editor. If the paper is judged to be suitable for possible publication, it will be sent to two or more external reviewers using our database of experts. All articles undergo this process with the following exceptions, which do not undergo our standard review process:

  • Letters to the EditorCommentaries and Editorials are based on the decision of the Editor, who may ask experts on the merit of their contents.
  • Practices Guidelines/Consensus Statements - Special considerations may be made in this case as they are typically authored by experts in the field. 
  • Meeting Reports – based on the decision of the Editor.
  • Special Articles – depending on the format and content, special articles may be solely based on the decision of the Editor, or undergo our standard review process.

Manuscripts are sent out for review electronically, and all correspondence takes place via e-mail. 

Translational and Clinical Medicine - Georgian Medical Journal adheres to a 'double blind' review process: Authors are not told who reviewed their paper, and reviewers are not told who wrote the paper. Peer reviewers are informed of the identity of the authors immediately after the manuscript is either accepted or rejected. The referees’ identity remains unknown to the authors although it is up to the referee if he/she wants to contact the author at a later stage and reveal his/her identity.

A typical peer review 'cycle' can look as the following:

  1. Authors submits paper
  2. Co-chairmen do the first review and assign paper to the section editor within 1-2 days, or rejects paper.
  3. The section editor assigns at least 2 reviewers as soon as possible, but within one week.
  4. Reviewers have 4 weeks to review the paper.
  5. Editor informs author about the editorial decision as soon as reviews are complete (aim within a month after submission).
  6. Author resubmits within 4 weeks.
  7. Second round review if necessary.

Revision of a manuscript does not guarantee publication.